WWII and Its Effects

The effects that the war had on American women and minority groups were both positive and negative. During the time of World War II, there was a major change in the lifestyle of the US. Men were sent off to war and the women were left at home to take care of the families. Professional advice for students was not given. Traveling for students and minority groups was banned. There was a lot of mistreating still happening between minority groups and white people. The minority groups and the women of America were treated below the white men so when the war had begun it opened many opportunities for women and minority groups but also kept a lot of differences between them.
The positive outcomes for women were that they were allowed to work in fields that were only restricted to men, mainly the defense industry. Therefore, they were able to support their families while the men were off at war. Also, lots of women served in the armed forces during the war which is a huge movement for women's rights. There were also negatives for women, such as when the war had ended, many women were fired from their factory jobs due to the return of the men. They had to fill the holes when the men were gone and they created a high standard for the future of women equality.
For the different minority groups, the men were faced with a lot of negatives and positives. The African-Americans for example were still in segregated units from the white men. The Hispanics however, fought in every major battle of WWII that the US was involved in. The Hispanics were also given more job opportunities in the US cities due to the shortage. Hispanics were more widely accepted in the war compared to the other minority groups such as African-Americans. The African-American minority groups during the war were still mistreated but the Hispanics were treated as equal creating a positive and negative effect on the outcome of the war for the minority groups.
Minority groups faced a lot of positive and negative outcomes depending on what minority group you were in. The African-American minority group continuously fought for equal rights but were never given them, unlike the Hispanic minority groups that were given opportunities in the workforce of US cities due to the shortage of work. The women also faced a lot of positive and negative outcomes. They gained a lot of opportunities in the workforce but ended up losing a lot of them when the war was over. Overall the outcome of the war was a mixture of both due to how the women population and the minority groups were treated.

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