It is the Friday after Hanukkahgiving and the leftovers are piling in the kitchen. You have roasted a turkey stuffed with challah and a rich gravy, and baked your famous green beans. Aunt Ilda brought a brisket. Cousin Saul has fried tons of sweet potato latkes. Your sister Judie came with her tangy cranberry apple sauce. But what to do with all these leftovers? On top of it, it is Shabbat and you just received your challah from the bakery.

The solution Latkes Turkey Burgers ! A juicy patty made with ground turkey, stuffing, and ground brisket smothered with gravy and cranberry apple sauce in between two sweet potato latkes! Full recipes to come soon on our site and Facebook.

Challah Latkes Burger Latkes Turkey Burger Latkes Turkey Burger
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