Hanukkah Thanksgiving 2013

Hanukkah Thanksgiving 2013 is a non-profit initiative to raise funds for the International Rescue Committe ( IRC ) through the sale of a commemorative T-Shirt. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $10,000 from now until the end of October.

100% of the profits are directly donated to the IRC . It is at least $8 per T-Shirt, and over $12 if we reach our goal!

Get your T-Shirt Now !

Why raise money during the double Holiday of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving? Inspired by the values of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving - family, gratitude, respect, and courage - our goal is to celebrate and give back. Spread the abundance of Thanksgiving and make a miracle happen through your donation to the IRC. Do not wait 70,000 to Hanukkahgive!

Why the International Rescue Committe ?

Founded in 1933 at the initiative of Albert Einstein to assist Germans suffering under Hitler, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a non-denominational, non-governmental organization. It operates internationally on all crises and natural disasters. While supporting effort on a global scale it is implicated in all crises at a local level with medicine, shelter, protection and education. Learn more with this .

The International Rescue Committe (IRC) is an extremely efficient non profit organization. For every $1 donated, 92 cents go directly to international programs to buy food, deliver medicine, provide medical equipment, and promote education of children and women. The remaining 8 cents are allocated to the administrative and fundraising departments. It is a remarkable efficiency that led the American Institute of Philanthropy, Charity Navigator and the Better Business Bureau to all give their highest rating to the IRC.

It has been successful providing help to population in Haiti , Africa , and the Middle East .

Why print the T-Shirts with Booster ? In order to be as cost effective as possible, Booster will be used to print and distribute the T-Shirts. Booster processes all the orders, then prints all the T-Shirts at once. The T-Shirts are then shipped nationwide (U.S. only). This manufacturing cost saving system allows to maximize the profit and by consequence the total donation amount. The T-Shirt will be available for sale until the end of October. The T-Shirts will be delivered either by mid-October or by mid-November ( depending on purchase date ) so you can enjoy them before Thanksgiving and bring them wherever you will be celebrating this double holiday.

The donation amount increases the larger the total T-Shirt order is. Order multiple T-Shirts to donate more and get a great shipping discount. The shipping fee is $5 per order, no matter how many T-Shirts are ordered. Order 10 T-Shirts and have them ship to one location. The shipping per shirt will then be equivalent to $0.50 per T-Shirt.

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