Team of Volunteers

Artist - Graphic Designer: Susanna

Founder of Kiki a Production House and a professional MUA . Susanna is passionate about helping the ones in need. She is thrilled to be part of this meaningful and multicultural campaign for IRC. Keeping the T-shirt design fun and symbolic to remind everyone to take a break from daily chores, work and celebrate Hanukkah Thanksgiving 2013 as well as donating for a good cause. Peace on!

Social Media Specialist: Noémie

Community Manager since 2011, Noémie help businesses and organizations to promote their activities on Social Media. Co-founder of SOS Community Manager & SOS Rédacteur Web. Entrepreneur & web addict.

E-Commerce Consultant: Thibaud

Author of . TEDx speaker. Globe-Trotter. Co-Founder & Business Developer of SOS Community Manager & SOS Rédacteur Web. Blogger. Rookie Longboarder.

Website Developer: Thomas

I am a web designer & developer who loves building the bridge between pixels & functionality. I have provided the template for this website.

Initiator: Loïc

A need for participating in a non profit initiative has been boiling inside me for many years. In 2013, the multiple international conflicts deeply troubled me. The disarray of displaced populations was too tragic to stay inactive. I decided to start the grassroot Hanukkah Thanksgiving 2013 initiative to help the International Rescue Committee , in its mission to provide help to population in need due to natural disasters, and wars.

THANK YOU! The dedication and professionalism of the New York and Los Angeles IRC staff is to be praised. The IRC staff was extremely supportive, and instrumental in getting the Hanukkah Thanksgiving 2013 started. This fundraising effort would not have been possible without their help, advice, and time. Thank you !

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