Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the commemorative T-Shirt? The T-Shirts can be purchased directly on the following site . A minimum of $8 per T-Shirt is directly donated to the International Rescue Committee . If we reached our goal, this number will go over $12 per T-Shirt !

What is the shipping fee? It is $5 per order no matter how many T-Shirts are ordered. Buy multiple T-Shirts for friends and family to save on shipping!

What are the T-Shirt sizes? All T-Shirts will be available from Youth XS to 4XL. Please double check your size with Booster’s T-Shirt size chart .

I do not want a T-Shirt but I want to support the International Rescue Committee , what can I do? Thank you for supporting the IRC. You can donate directly and still be part of our campaign through the Hanukkah Thanksgiving 2013 fundraising effort hosted on this IRC site.

When will the T-Shirts be delivered? In order to reduce cost and maximize the total amount of money raised for the International Rescue Committee all the T-Shirts are printed and shipped at the same time no matter when you order them. Expect your T-Shirts to be delivered around November 18th, 2013 if you order them before November 4th, 2013.

Will the T-Shirts be sent if the goal is not reached? Yes, nothing to worry here. The T-Shirts will be sent on time no matter what the goal status is.

Do you ship international or to Canada? Sorry, we do not ship outside of the United States. Have it delivered to a friend in the U.S. that can forward it to you!

Did it happen before and when will it happen again? Hanukkahgiving is no calendar expert. How you define the modern Thanksgiving, and the calculation around jewish calendar are complex questions. What we know for sure is that it is pretty unique and that it will not happen for over 70000 years! Some great minds have tackled the subject with success. Please refer to their calculations: Steve Morse has a great calendar prediction tool. Others have also developed their own calculation models such as Jonathan Mizrahi and the Lansey Brothers .

Additional questions? Do not hesitate to if you have any questions about Hanukkah Thanksgiving 2013 .

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